Library Visits

We often visit libraries when we travel.  In celebration of all that librarians and libraries mean to our lives, we are going to start recording our library visits here. Do you have a library that you recommend?  Post your comments below.

McAllen Public Library
McAllen, Texas

Outdoor Fountain
The new McAllen Public Library, formerly a huge WalMart, is now a beautiful one-story 123,000 square foot library, with a bookstore, children and teen sections,  a computer lab, a cafe, conference rooms, and an auditorium. In addition, the grounds include a large fountain as well as native landscaping.  This library is a winner of the 2012 Library Interior Design Awards from the American Library Association and the International Interior Design Association. 

Children's Section
This library is definitely "the place to be."  On the weekends, there is a farmer's market at the front doors, with fresh organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, homemade breads, and a food truck. During the week, community members and various organizations host meetings in the conference rooms. 
(I actually volunteer at the Book Store one day a week. We are very proud of our wonderful new public library.)

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