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One of the best learning tools on the Internet is Khan Academy.  If you haven't looked at it lately, you will be overwhelmed by what is available. Khan Academy, a not-for-profit organization, states that they are on a mission to provide  "a free world-class education for anyone anywhere."   All of their resources, which include streaming videos and much more, are available to anyone, no matter what age, education level, or experience.

Students can use Khan's extensive content library which includes interactive challenges, assessments, and videos.  These are all accessible from any computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

Teachers or parents can set up required assignments for their students or entire classes and access the data from the results. Teachers or parents will have access to all of their students' data, and they will know instantly if a student is struggling with a certain level of a subject (i.e. math) or having difficulty understanding certain concepts.

In the math field, students take an adaptive assessment and then start at the recommended level and proceed to work their way up.  Problems are generated randomly and if they need assistance, there is a related step-by-step video available to review their steps to solve the problem.

Khan Academy's content library includes math, science, history, art history, American government, economics, finance, computer programming, computer science, and also test preparation for the SAT and GMAT, as well as a few others. It's easy to imagine that they may be adding to their content library as time goes by.

Students receive their results immediately and they can review what they have been learning. Always competitive, students can also earn badges and points for learning.  The badges range from very easy for something like listening skills, but some of the legendary badges might take several years of studying.

*****/5 stars
Recommended for: Grades 3-12+Adult

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