Kidtopia is for Kids

     Be sure to visit, our web site/search engine designed for students in grades K-3 or 4.  We have prepared resources that are age appropriate and as many teachers say, "very clickable" for young students.  Do you need more resources?  Let us know.  As you know, our search engines only access web sites recommended by teachers and librarian and that have been reviewed by us.  We are both retired teachers and librarians, with many years of experience.  
     Also, have your reluctant students try Kidtopia Adventure Island (, which is chock full of games, activities, puzzles, and more.  Students get to select the topic and find an activity at random.  (Note that some Flash activities won't work on a tablet.)
We also have a new resource for kids called Kidtopia Games.  It includes educational games to get kids interested in learning!  Kids just click on the topic that interests them, then click search, and a variety of carefully-selected educational games appear.  Try it out.

     Send us your feedback about Kidtopia!  We love to hear from you.  (

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