The CIA World FactBook is an amazing resource for geography.  It provides information on the history, people, economics, government, geography, transportation, and other important issues for more than 250 countries around the world.  Students can also find downloadable world, regional maps, political maps, and time zone maps in PDF or jpg format.  In addition, downloadable flags of these countries plus many downloadable photos of locations or satellite views  are available. 

Each country has a pull-down menu for the following topics.  Students should click on the "+" to expose the details for each sub-menu.
People and Society
Transnational Issues 

Interested in world leaders?  The CIA World FactBook has links to each of the countries with a listing of their chiefs of state and cabinet members.  

Learning about latitude and longitude?  The CIA World FactBooks has links to cities, islands, rivers and other geographic locations in the world, with their countries listed as well as their latitude and longitude.

CIA World FactBook is very easy to use and includes all the information a student might need for a report on a county or especially to compare several countries in terms of their population, language, economy, etc.  

*****/5 Stars
Recommended for: Grades 5-12+

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