Academy of Achievement

Established in 1961, The Academy of Achievement describes itself as a Museum of Living History.  This unique non-profit organization highlights the achievements of great thinkers and achievers of all time.  Students can browse specific areas including The Arts, Business, Public Service, Science and Exploration, and Sports, or they can select the person by name from a drop down menu. 

One unique feature of this biography resource is called "Role Model."  Students complete a drop down menu by filling in the answers to questions.  They can find achievers who wanted to accomplish certain goals, had certain personality traits, and faced unique challenges.

Students can view biographies of by career type and also discover recommended reading from their favorite achievers.  Finally, there are podcasts and lengthy video interviews including the text, with many of the achievers.

Teachers can use the Achieve Net curriculum with  student resources and teacher facilitation guides.  Guides are prepared for a range of grades:  from grades 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and post 12th grade.  Many of the guides includes videos and web links.

****/5 stars
Recommended for: Grades 5-12+
With supervision for: Grades 4-5


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