The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum of Western art that includes examples of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Impressionist art.  Searchable by artist name, by title, or by location, it includes over 33,000 examples of artwork along with artist biographies and comments on many of the paintings.

Another option at The Web Gallery of Art is to take one of sixteen virtual guided tours that are available.  One can select from Italian painters, European sculptors, the Sistine Chapel, French art, British art, and many other topics. 

Art teachers may be interested in using the dual mode, which makes it possible to open two paintings simultaneously on the screen for comparison purposes.  In dual mode, it's also possible to examine two paintings of the same subject, or view a sculpture from two different directions.

*****/5 stars
Recommended for: Grades 6-12 
With supervision for Grades 3-5

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