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September 2018 Infotopia/Kidtopia Newsletter

September 2018 Infotopia/Kidtopia Newsletter

Be sure to check out our Science recommendations on Kidtopia for Grades K-4. Don’t forget to send us your requests for science topics to be included. Here are just a few of the fourteen science resource pages. 

October is International Dinosaur Month

Here are some recommended websites with dinosaur names, images, information about when and where they lived, and more.

The National History Museum (UK)
(Images, diet, country, period in which it lived, who named it, etc.)

The Smithsonian:  Dinosaurs in our Backyard

(Current topics from UC Berkeley concerning dinosaurs)

The Dinosauria
(More about dinosaurs from UC Berkeley)

Science Kids:  Dinosaurs

Artists and Art History

Are your secondary students researching artists?  With links to over 100 artists, the Academic Index is your best resource for information about artists and their works. 
Art History
(by form, by movement, by region, and more)

Artists from A to Z

English Language Arts Teachers

     Infotopia has resources for all of the following, all on the same web page:
·      Literature in English (American and British Literature)
·      English/Language Arts
·      Grammar
·      Poetry
·      Folktales and Fairy Tales
     For literature in languages other than English, check out our web site:

     One of the best sites for all literature in languages other than English is Voice of the Shuttle from the University of California Santa Barbara.  Just scroll down and you’ll find African, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Eastern European, French, German, Greek, Guatemalan, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Scandinavian,
Spanish,  and more.

June, July, and August 2018 Newslettter

June, July, and August 2018 Infotopia/Kidtopia Newsletter

Check out some of the articles in our newsletter:

Cool FREE Websites for a Hot Summer

Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. 
Animate your text for web pages and for presentations in just a few seconds.
Write a story and integrate their art into your work. 

Find amazing writing prompts in this website.  They have a random prompt button with pictures to accompany the prompt. 

Find that word that you've been thinking about all day but just can't seem to remember.

Folktales and Fairy Tales
     Find American, Mexican, and Canadian folklore, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, Russian folktales, and more, on our resources pages. 

Monday, September 17th

Constitution Day in the United States

Check out these resources:

One of our favorite websites is Larry Ferlazzo’s edublog on the Constitution (and many other topics.):

YouTube has a link to the SchoolHouse Rock video on the Preamble to the Constitution:

Ask an Expert
Do you and your students want to ask important questions of experts in the field of science? Try “Ask An Expert” below.

Why Use Infotopia instead of Google?

1) Infotopia, a site created by school librarians for students and their teachers, is a directory and search engine including only websites recommended by teachers, librarians, and library and educational consortia.

2) Infotopia is a Google custom search engine of selected sites, so you get reliable resources in your search results, while still enjoying Google`s cool search features.

3) You can recommend topics for which you need information and we will prepare new resources for inclusion on

Attention: Teachers for Grades K-4

     Are your students trying to do online research and discovering that the resources are just too difficult for their understanding?  Our website/search engine is designed to be age- and subject- appropriate for these students.  Websites are selected only if recommended by teachers and librarians for these levels.

     If you need additional resources, please let us know.  Many of our resources were developed based on requests from teachers and librarians.

May 2018 Newsletter


The May newsletter includes the following:
  • Do you need an idea to start class and improve your students’ English every day? Try the Phrase Finder, with more than 2,000 English idioms, phrases, and proverbs that we use in daily life.
  • Check out our Texas History Resources 
  • Hey Guys! Let’s Have a Comic-Con at our School or Library! Find resources/links to school and/or library comic-conventions to celebrate reading, support STEM, and promote graphic novels!
  • How can your students tell “fake” news from real news?  Just read the news from a balanced selection of news sources and compare.
  • Are your elementary students studying the ancient civilizations of China, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Iraq, or India?  Check out our resources.
  • Do you need to move photos or files from one computer or device to another?  Check out our easy recommendation.