Friday, June 30, 2017

July 2017 Infotopia Newsletter

Check out our July 2017 Infotopia/Kidtopia Newsletter in PDF.

This month's issue includes the following topics and resources:

  • July holidays around the world

  • Getting ahead by using the scientific method and planning science fair projects

  • Virtual summer trips for your students (or your own children) to plan, including road trips, train trips around the world, or other trips with possible sites to see

  • Where to find balanced news articles
  • Read online newspapers from around the world

Have a great July.  See you in August!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Amazing Google Search Tips You Never Knew About!

Check out our new YouTube video, "Amazing Google Search Tips You Never Knew About!" 

Learn how Google Search works to solve math problems, use calculators, perform conversions, provide travel information, find definitions, nutritional information, word origins and more.  

Learn how to use Google Search Operators, Google Advanced Search, and Google Advanced Image Search.

And best of all, you can use all the Google search tips on,, or!

June 2017 Newsletter

Our June 2017 Infotopia Newsletter is now online as a PDF.

This month's issue focuses on how to prevent the "summer slide" and links to summer reading and activities for both students and adults.  As promised, our new YouTube video, "Amazing Google Search Tips You Never Knew About!" is now online, with suggestions about how to use Google Search, Google Search Operators, Advanced Google Search, Advanced Image Search and many other ways to use Google search in the search box on Infotopia, Infotrek, or Kidtopia.  Finally, we included some summer activities from Kidtopia for students in grades PK-4.  Have a great June!
By the way, all our newsletters can be found at

May 2017 Newsletter

Our May 2017 Infotopia Newsletter is now online.  This month's issue includes the following:
  • Free bibliography generators, including our favorite, KnightCite
  • Help with learning foreign languages or English for speakers of other languages using MANGO for free
  • Resources for inventions and inventors
  • Spelling games for grades K-4
  • How you can help support Infotopia without spending an extra penny
This month's issue can be found as a PDF at:

You can find all our archived newsletters at:
Have a wonderful May!