Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July 2016 Newsletter

     Our July 2016 newsletter is now online and includes links to educational games for students, how to use Google's advanced search operators with Infotopia and Kidtopia, July events and holidays, and ideas about science fair projects.  Be sure to share our web sites and newsletters with new teachers!  Contact us if you have any ideas or resources that you need for the school year!  (

June 2016 Newsletter

Our June newsletter is now online.  This month includes information about Infotopia and Kidtopia and the fact that they both work as custom search engines for students as well as web directories for subjects studied in grades K-12.  We have a spotlight on primary sources from a web site called Digital Vaults. Using Digital Vaults, students can browse through hundreds of photographs, documents, and film clips, and create a pathways challenge, a poster, or a movie.  In the June issue, we include links to June events, including D-Day and others. Finally, we include two new discoveries for students and teachers: Story Jumper  and Study Stack.  Read and share this month's newsletter for more information! 

May 2016 Newsletter

     Our May 2016 newsletter includes links to web sites where students can create online stories using text, fonts, images, drawings, and backgrounds for free.  It also includes recommended resources for improving one's vocabulary or practicing for subject-specific vocabulary tests. It includes our recommended links for May holidays and events and our contact information.  Students in elementary school can practice their arithmetic skills with our recommended fun math sites and play math games recommended by Kidtopia.  Finally, we include online certificate and award makers for you.  Share with your colleagues!