Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Saga of We and They (guest blog)

The Saga of We and They 
by Sandra Durham

Me and we make a group of three
As It strolls the garden path,
And the misty shade in the sunlit glade
Lies covered in snow at last.

Yes, you and they in a sunset of grey
Will watch as the sun comes up,
While five from four head out the door
To drink from an empty cup.

And all the while, with a frown and smile,
To unsleep the whole minute through,
Him dances a jig with a fishing rig,
And her thinks of they and you.

But, here we art at the end of start
Wile the light turns as dark as day,
And a tunnel dug with a bear-like hug
Will always turn June into May.

Purpose and Function
1. What constitutes poetry?
2. Where does it rhyme?
3. Does it have to rhyme or have rhythm?
4. Does it tell a story?
5. Does it convey a feeling?
6. Does it paint a picture?
7. Can it be understood?
8. If it is nonsense, is it still poetry?
9. How many contradictions can you find in this piece?
10. How many impossible scenarios can you find?
11. How many examples of bad grammar/misuse of words can you find? 

*Guest Blog--This is a series of poetry and stories for young children written by our guest blogger Sandra Durham.  Feel free to use these stories and poems with your students.

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