Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Fantastic World of Fuzzy McPherson--Guest Blog

The Fantastic World of Fuzzy McPherson 
by Sandra Durham

     Fuzzy McPherson was resting on a plant stalk.  He had been eating furiously for days and had almost foundered himself.  Surely he could not still be hungry--but--the flowers and leaves were so exciting and so enticing.  He took another bite, leaving a neat round hole in the center of a leaf.  Fuzzy stretched and flexed his many legs before finally climbing higher on the stalk.
     The garden was filled with fanciful things like fennel, fox grape, phlox, and philodendron.  With firs and ferns and fairy rings, it was almost more than he could fathom--all this glorious fodder.  Fuzzy moved slower and slower until he could not crawl any further.  As he gathered himself to ponder his fate, he remembered.......
     "Of all the fellows in his class, the future of Fuzzy McPherson is the brightest!" All the teachers said so.  "Just wait until you fly!!"
     But Fuzzy thought there was something comforting about being so close to the ground.  Still, his teachers kept saying he would see a phantasmagoric sight as soon as he could fly.
     So silly they were!  He was much too full and too sleepy to even think about flying.  He decided to build a nice roomy cocoon and doze awhile.  Besides, everyone knows that caterpillars can't fly.

 Purpose and Function:
1. How many "F" and "Ph" words can you find in this story?
2. Define any new words.
3. What does Fuzzy become?
4. Do you let other people help you see your potential?
5. What things would you like to accomplish?

*Guest Blog--This is a series of poetry and stories for young children written by our guest blogger Sandra Durham.  Feel free to use these stories and poems with your students.

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