Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Once Upon a Monster--Guest Blog by Sandra Durham

Once Upon a Monster
by Sandra Durham
     Once upon a monster--no, no, that isn't right!
     Once upon a time there was a very small monster.  Everyone said he was mean-tempered because he growled all the time.  They called him misshapen because he was smaller than they were.  They said he was mischievous because he played tricks on them.  But, when they said he was marble-mouthed because he mumbled his words, it made him miserable.  So, the small, mean-tempered, misshapen, mischievous, marble-mouthed, miserable monster did the only thing he could think of--he opened his mouth and yelled, "MA-MA!!!"
     Then, to everyone's surprise, a massive multi-colored monster rose above them all and said, "Marvelous?" (which was his name.)
     She lowered her mammoth head and said, "Such a sweet monster. But you must learn to get along with others.  Try to be even-tempered and not growl all the time. You must work and play hard, and eat well to grow strong.  Playing tricks can be fun only if no one gets hurt and you don't hurt anyone's feelings.  When all your teeth come in, you won't mumble so much.  So, be nice and invite all your friends over to play."
     Soon the small, mean-tempered, misshapen, mischievous, marble-mouthed monster had friends who laughed with him instead of growling, helped him grow strong, thought his tricks were funny, and began to understand his mumbled words.  
     And when he grew to be Marvelous the multi-colored monster that everyone wanted to play with, his mama said, "Magnificent!"
Purpose and Function
1. Find and define all "M" words.
2. What other "M" words can you think of?
3. What were Mama's instructions?
4. Why should you try to get along with others?
5. What is the difference between playing tricks on people and bullying? 

*Guest Blog--This is a series of poetry and stories for young children written by our guest blogger Sandra Durham.  Feel free to use these stories and poems with your students.

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