Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Elements, and molecules, and atoms, oh my!

Chemistry 101

So you have decided to take Chemistry this year.....Wouldn't it be fantastic to have some help with your chemistry studies as the year progresses, without having to hire a tutor?  
Would like to have some additional resources to use with your classes, or to recommend to your students to help them with their studies?  (There are also professional development videos for Chemistry teachers in case you need some refreshing on what's new in Chemistry.)
If you "google" the word "chemistry," you are going to find millions of resources.  The trick is to find excellent, reliable resources.  Infotopia has done the work for you.  We have found amazing resources that include interactive periodic tables, and videos and powerpoints that cover an entire course of chemistry.  As you and your students are getting ready for a new year, let's take a look at some reliable online resources for chemistry. 

Our Recommended Chemistry Resources

Online interactive periodic tables that include essential data, the history of the element, uses, properties, and other information.

PowerPoints (and HTML5 and Flash) of an entire year of Chemistry studies
Chemistry Videos

Professional Development for Chemistry Teachers

A Bit of Humor
After all that, do you need a bit of humor?  Only a Chemistry teacher or student would understand some of these!

(I made this comic at http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/  It's easy to use.  Have your students try it.)

This is a cartoon similar to "Who's on First" by Abbott and Costello, except it is about chemical elements.

Have your students submit Chemistry jokes and puns and vote on the class favorites!

I'm running out of chemistry jokes. All the good ones Argon.  Seriously, have a great year in Chemistry!  If this post was helpful, please share with your colleagues and comment below. 

Next Post--Biology resources

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