Monday, August 11, 2014

What are Primary Sources? (A Time Travel Adventure)

What are Primary Sources?  (A Time Travel Adventure)

Designed for elementary or middle school social studies or history classes, students will be able to list at least ten types of primary sources following this brief 2 minute video.  There is a simple quiz included in the video in which they distinguish primary from secondary sources.  

You can find lots of teacher-recommended web sites on primary sources by going to

Part 2 (to follow in this series) will take them to a higher level and they will ask questions about what they can learn from primary sources.

What are primary sources?  They are the original documents or objects that were created at the time historical events occurred. One might say they are the raw materials to interpret the past.  

Can you name at least ten primary sources?
1. A historical document such as The Constitution or Declaration of Independence
2. A diary or a journal
3. A newspaper article 
4. A photograph
5. A speech
6. An interview
7. A work of art such as a painting or a sculpture
8. Artifacts from history such as tools, weapons, or household items
9. A letter
10. An audio or video recording

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