Monday, July 28, 2014

Announcing Infotrek!

We are announcing the grand unveiling of our new web site/search engine designed for high school students.

Check out our animated video below!

Students can search the main categories, which include the following:
·      Science, Technology and Math
·      Biographies
·      Arts and Recreation
·      Literature and Language Arts
·      Social Studies, Geography, and History
·      Quotations
·      Health, Nutrition, Medicine and Disease
·      Images, Audio and Video Clips
·      Languages 
The power of Infotrek is the search engine:
1)    Students can type in their own keywords and high school level results will be displayed.
2)    Students can click on a topic such as “Earth Science” and an extensive list of earth science topics will be displayed.  Then, the student would click on a specific topic and it is entered automatically in the search box. 
As always, Infotrek and our other sites only access resources that have been recommended by teachers and librarians and reviewed by us.
Send us your feedback!

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