Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free Educational Online Videos--How Do I Find Them?

Free Educational Online Videos--How Do I Find Them?

If you "Google" a keyword such a "hurricanes" or "cell division," and click on the label "Videos," in the Google results, you are going to find a number of videos on YouTube, but what if your school district blocks YouTube, or what if you want to use other resources such as WatchKnowLearn or Khan Academy, among others?

TeacherTopia has a fantastic search engine set up just for this reason.  It will locate free educational online videos and it does not include YouTube in its results.  You can use the search engine that is exclusively for free educational videos for the classroom by going to

It's always best to enclose your keywords in quotation marks to ensure that the Google Search Engine in TeacherTopia checks for all the words that you have included.  Use OR if you want to include two or three similar keywords.   Examples include "climate change OR global warming" and "mitosis OR cell division."

Another technique is just to browse through the eighteen resources on the TeacherTopia Video page. Here are a few of my favorite resources from the eighteen listed.

Looking for audio or video speeches and campaign commercials from past Presidential elections?  Try The Living Room Candidate.  

Do you want to learn a new language or show language learning videos to your Spanish students?  Go to Annenberg Learner.  It has videos in almost every subject you can imagine.

Do you need to work on your Algebra skills or any other subject such as math, science, arts and humanities and more?  Khan Academy is the place for you. This amazing resource is free, but you will have to log in with a Facebook account or create a free login for Khan Academy.

Let us know what you think about the TeacherTopia Video Resources and search engine.  We would love to see your comments below. 

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