Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Favorite Educational Games-June 2014

Summer’s almost here for those of us in the northern hemisphere. We know that those of you in the southern hemisphere such as Australia and New Zealand are back in school and having winter! Here are some ideas for your weekends.  What about a few educational games to take the summer (or winter) blues away? Our favorite educational games are linked from Infotopia and Kidtopia.


Have you played FreeRice? Perfect for middle or high school, students can earn bowls of rice for developing countries through the World Food Programme by practicing vocabulary, grammar, chemistry symbols, geography, or a foreign


Activate your mind with EdHeads. Students in grades 7-12 can perform surgery, rebuild a knee or hip, design a cell phone, or investigate a crime scene. While viewing a video with audio and captions, students make the decisions to accomplish their task. There are teacher’s guides available as well.


One of our favorite games is Draw a Stickman.  Students love this creative drawing game. They are asked to draw a stickman and then as the animated story unfolds, they must draw various objects to help the stickman escape from his perils. This game involves art, reading, and creativity. Students can publish their work for other students to review.

All of our favorite games can be found at:


for Grades K-3 elementary students

Or try creating cartoons or comics with your own imagination. Our favorites are at:

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