Monday, May 5, 2014

Annenberg Learner--Learn on Your Own!

I first discovered Annenberg Learner when I decided to review my French language skills with a wonderful 52 part video series called French in Action produced by Yale University and WGBH in Boston.  It is a story of an American student and a  young Frenchwoman and their adventures in Paris and surrounding areas.   A French language immersion experience supplemented by Dr. Pierre Capretz's delightful review of the vocabulary and phrases in each episode, it is a enjoyable way to learn or review French.  It is appropriate for high school or college students.

French in Action is just one of the many streaming videos available for free on Annenberg Learner, whose mission is to "Advance Excellent Teaching in American Schools."  For three decades, Annenberg has funded and distributed resources for K-12 and college teacher to teach subject and help them to stay up-to-date in their fields.  As a matter of fact, Annenberg offers a number of graduate online courses through Colorado State University for only $294 for a three hour course.  To obtain graduate credit, the learner has to watch all the videos, download support materials and participate in discussion questions, homework and activities for the chosen course.   If you need graduate credit for your teaching credentials, this might be something that would interest you.

Streaming Videos, Supporting Resources, and Professional development are available for the following subjects:  The Arts (art, music, cinema), Foreign Language (French, Spanish, and English), Literature and Language Arts (poetry, novels, news writing, American literature, and more), Mathematics (grades K-12), Science (grades K-12), and Social Studies and History (geography, primary sources, world history, and more). Each subject includes videos from colleges or public broadcasting networks which are appropriate for showing to students to reinforce learning.  Any streamed video may be used in a K-12 classroom at no charge.  Lesson plans are available for many subjects as well.

Learner Express is an anthology of short video segments taken from the Annenberg Learner Collection. You can quickly find short video segments to use in your classroom to augment understanding of certain topics.  Learner Express includes three main topics:  science, math, and language arts.  You can also search for specific topics in the search box at the top right. 

You might also be interested in the Interactive Lessons for students or teachers.  I selected the Spanish interactive lessons to learn the names of vegetables.  With Mike's help (a former Spanish teacher), I was able to correctly identify all the vegetables in Spanish. The lesson read the vegetables to me and I had to match them with a picture.  Interactive Lessons are available in all subjects areas.

*****/5 stars
Recommended for K-12 teachers (and all inspired independent learners)

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